Don’t Talk Bersih to Me, Singapore only Talk COC Sing Song


Don’t talk to me about Malaysia’s Bersih

In Singapore the only colour is putih

Don’t ask if it’s fair

40 per cent a GRC to share

Let some people repent but not me


Don’t ask gahmen for wage shock therapy

Economist from NWC it may be

Cheap labour, they like

Bangladeshis may strike

But our labour chief is a hero from PAP


Tonite, gimme some TFR, baby

Before they march in like an army

One thousand, two thousand

One year 25 thousand

Welcomed with open arms by my company


Little 4-room flat costs $368K in Bedok

Our friend Anak Abu finds life so terok

Don’t over-stretch

HDB’s within reach

That’s minister’s advice, so who’s bodoh?


Rain, thunderstorm, flash flood, go away

Come again, in 50 years, another day

‘Urban Heat Island’, never heard?

Urban growth made it worse

But MSM separated science like chaff away


There was a CEO on a sedan cruising

While others, in a tunnel, were fainting

But now disruption

Is normal occurrence

And $900 million will go a sinking


There was a heritage called Bukit Brown

But the highway refused to go round

Our population’s not up

But houses must be up

A red carpet for new citizens laid down


Old folks pushing cardboards in the streets – such eyesore

So PM’s Office invents new scenario – for Singapore

Support the elderly

Get immigrants quickly

And Marina Bay Sands will prosper ever more!


Don’t put foreigners in pigeonhole

They’re flying in to MPs’ big drumroll

Thaipusam’s noisy

Curry is too spicy

But freedom of assembly is PA’s passionate goal!


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