To the AWARE ex-co that should not be

Now this is the story that we must tell
Some people are just playing it foul
Lesbians, deviants, they like to name
But who even invite them to this game?
I don’t give a care who’s your aunt-in-law
Don’t pull this dumb shit if she knows the law
Women got to teach what girls need to do
If you’re full of doubt, first go back to your school

Let those without a sin cast the first stone
The way we all see it you’ve usurped the throne
Be a good employee, go count money
Focus on your little own family
Don’t act like AWARE is your property
What you’re doing now we call moral felony
Understand first, we need a free country
Keep your tongue-speaking to church proximity
You should have shown a little transparency
You’re not God, so don’t fake invisibility

So why you need to gang up silently like that
Creeping through the backdoor just like that
Locking the door on poor women like that
Spider lilies what? It’s not like that

Just listen
The times are ahead of ya
Our brains are ahead of ya
We’re not afraid of ya
Peace won’t be there with ya

Even government would say we need a society that’s secular
Chinese non-Chinese we speak the women vernacular
But vision of your church is a tunnel monocular
So back down now, before things get uglier
Don’t get us wrong, this is not us against Christians
Just restore AWARE to its original guardians
We need an NGO that’s all inclusive
Ask yourself now, who’s making this explosive
Big men with guns toy with their weapon
True feminists don’t force down their opinion
Rational people can talk it out
So get out of your hiding and talk it out
Get out!

(Epilogue after May 2nd:)

It’s all right now
They took a walk out now
Ask legal counsel how
AWARE is too profound
Like a cheque that’s getting bounced
They’re battered to the ground
Quietly they sit down
Should learn their lesson now
Flip over page 73
1414 that’s history
It’s gracious society now
So we can turn the mike, slowly, down, now

(Ed: but don’t let your guard down)


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